Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Orlandoe's Armpit Smother and Worship

Orlandoe's Armpit Smother and Worship
Filmed Dec 2012

Orlandoe uses her strength and physical prowess to force Jason into worshiping her natural hairy armpits.

She grabs him in a headlock, forcing him to the floor and smothering him with her armpit, crushing his nose and mouth into her under-arm. She pins him to the ground and smothers him even further with her armpit.

She later flexes her bicep, exposing her underarm, and commands him to kiss her armpit. So compelled by the sight of her flexing muscles, he cannot resist. He kisses and worships her armpit while she flexes and also as she pins him again to the floor.

Orlandoe concludes with double biceps flexing pose and then an arm-raised pose over her worshiper,

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